Episode 40

Nigerian Noonas No 40 - Christmas

It’s our end of year show! Join us as we take a look back at our favourite and least favourite dramas and shows of the year.

00:34:  We are back on the Kdrama train…

06:14: News: Jung Hae In new rom com  in the works and Park Seo Jun’s upcoming Netflix show.

11:14: We discuss the shows we are currently watching: Tantei Ga Hayasugiru, My Demon,  The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, Welcome to Samdal-Ri, Maestra, Soundtrack #2

28:06: We get into the shows we have finished - Trillionaire Game, Doona, Riding the Unicorn, Destined To Be With You, Blue Eyed Samurai, My Dearest

54:43: We discuss our favourite three (maybe four) dramas of the year.

59:50 : Our Family joins us to discuss their verdicts on the shows we made them watch this year.

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