Episode 41

Nigerian Noonas No 41

It’s our first show of the year! Back to this drama ting!

00:15:  We are back with the first pod of 2024!

02:03: News: Lee Joon Ki’s new  Netflix movie and a hilarious upcoming drama Chicken Nugget!

05:41: We discuss the shows we are currently watching: Captivating the King , Doctor Slump, Marry My Husband, Happy Ending, Deleting Me:Chain of Revenge, Tokyo Hinkon Joshi,  I Inherited a Host Bar and others.

28:06: We discuss the shows and films we have finished - Hello Ghost, My Ideal Boyfriend, Love Reset, Soundtrack Number 2, Death’s Game and A Killer Paradox.

54:43: Yewande also gives a low down on a book she has finished -Portrait Of A Thief.

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